Data Breach Detection Efforts on the Rise

In her WSJ article of September 19, Tatatyana Shumsky addresses the reluctance by many companies to report cyber data breaches to the SEC. She explains many companies just don’t give much weight to the importance of data hacks to investors. At the same time, however, the amount of financial resources companies are using for cyber data breach detection is growing.

We believe the issue shouldn’t be whether or not to report an incident. Instead, companies should be focusing on real-time detection and remediation efforts. Home Depot and Target alone reported combined data-breach related hard costs of just under $200 million. The cost of not seriously addressing these threats is minimal in comparison.

PacketSled’s software can help companies avert the negative publicity and high costs associated with successful cyber attacks. Our software offerings can help companies stop threats almost immediately. Real-time detection, analysis, and remediation are next-generation defenses companies will need to up-the-ante against hackers.

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