Who we are

A collaboration between Vantage ID Applications and PacketSled with a mission to provide small and medium-sized businesses with the needed tools to establish and maintain continuous, real-time monitoring that will allow them to detect and analyze intrusions and remediate advanced cyber threats in record time.

Why VantageID

As a leading provider of workplace mobility and process technology solutions, VantageID understands how important it is for its customers to ensure a cyber secure network environment, where devices along a network are able to communicate with each other safely and without the threat of  advanced cyber intrusions going undetected.

VantageID enterprise-wide mobility solutions rely on mobile handheld, mountable, and wearable computers, along with mobile barcode/RFID printers and data collectors that are in constant communication with each other and with a company’s central servers every second of the day.

Early detection and timely remediation of advanced cyber threats, not detectable by other defenses, is a must for companies across a multitude of private sector industry verticals and government organizations alike where sensitive and/or confidential information is collected at multiple data-points, transmitted and then stored. 

Why PacketSled

PacktSled, a rising star within the community of companies dedicated to cyber threat detection and remediation, brings software driven, cloud-based and on-premise intrusion forensics capabilities to businesses of all sizes.

The PacketSled solution provides continuous network security where behavioral detection, IOC detection and file extraction and analysis occur continuously and simultaneously and, with a real-time visual interface that shows advanced threats and policy violations as they happen, companies are able to quickly identify, contain and remediate alerts.

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